who we are

nivesHello, my name is Nicola Piersanti, born “forty-something” years ago in Rimini. I have 15 years experience working on the most developed beach in the world.
Together with my partner Nives Dančulović we work between Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, joining my wide technical experience with her healty way of leaving (and she help me with languages as well).

The Riviera Romagnola includes places like Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima, is an incredible 110Km continuous stream of hotels, restaurants and beach facilities that counts two million sunbeds in the high season. It is unbeliavable.

I am proud to bring you a selection of the best products available in this area, tested for years by operators and tourists to resist use, abuse and the most severe saline weather conditions. Since 2011 I provide knowledge and the best professional beach furniture and accessories to Croatian and Slovenian beach operators and hotels.

levanteWe also offer direct service and reparation with original spare parts.